Crafting Character Skillfully

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School Vision

Carmel Christian School’s vision is for every child to have a living relationship with Jesus Christ. We want them to know God, not just about Him. We recognise that this relationship is the firm foundation upon which our children can build to live successful and fulfilled lives.

To establish and build upon this foundation, we utilise a Christian curriculum called Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) that informs the mind and influences the heart. Its individualised approach is biblically based and trains children in accountability, character development, moral values and critical thinking skills.

Christian teachers who genuinely care about the children’s wellbeing and who are committed to enabling children to excel in their unique giftings is also central to fulfilling our vision.

With the foundation and building blocks in place, our young people will be equipped to take their place in society as valued, economically viable and responsible citizens. Our students will leave our school empowered as independent,

co-operative, innovative and motivated young adults who can make a meaningful contribution to life.

Ultimately, Carmel Christian School is interested in the big picture: the child’s present, their journey through school, their adult life and their eternal destination.

Carmel Christian School

Laying Foundations for Life’s Journey

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