Crafting Character Skillfully

Building character begins in infancy and is a sure foundation for future success



This nursery has been a warm and inviting place for our daughter, and a wonderful Christian environment that has helped her to flourish. She is filled with enthusiasm at the thought of pre-school, and as her parents, we are delighted that she has a safe, exciting place to grow into a unique individual. 

Michael and Jemima

We have been delighted to watch our child grow in self-confidence and take pride in achieving the milestones of reading and writing. She enjoys learning through play, and she absolutely loves her teachers!

Richard and Alison

This preschool is like a haven of peace where children receive friendly, enjoyable and structured learning around values ​​based on the Christian faith. Our children are so very happy, and our daughter even thanked us for registering her!

Stephan and Clara


Our daughter loves attending this nursery. She has made some wonderful friends and enjoys learning in such a caring environment. We love that she is able to thrive in a Christian pre-school where praise and worship is part of her daily routine.

Dan and Deborah

I am so pleased that both my little ones attended this pre-school where many fun learning activities were made available. They made good friends and flourished under the excellent guidance of the teachers. Both have grown to be independent learners who love going to school!


Both of our children enjoyed their time in Early Years. Our daughter particularly liked the water table activities and being part of a Christmas play, and our son thrived with the range of activities and educational toys. The teaching staff were really experienced, and the loving nurture they both received taught them to love their Heavenly Father and also to extend love and kindness to others.  

Darryl and Alison

Our daughters really enjoyed their time in Carmel Early Years, and their teacher competently guided them through their learning milestones. They felt safe and benefited from learning in a Christian setting.

Tim and Ginny

All three of our children attended Carmel's nursery and reception. They enjoyed the setting, developed socially and academically, and made friendships that will last. The nurture and encouragement from the teachers allowed our children to thrive. One of their favourite activities was planting different vegetable seeds in the garden, watching them grow, then finally getting to eat what they planted! Carmel Christian School has also taught them about Christian characteristics and how to treat others, which is very important to us.

Andrew and Mwaka