Competent Class


Exercising a wide range of skills to get ahead in life


School Life


Our school is divided into four classes:

Early Years: Nursery & Reception  |  Infants: Years 1 - 2  |  Juniors: Years 3 - 6  |  Seniors: Years 7 - 13

In their classrooms, the children enjoy the breadth of the curriculum we have on offer. Regular school trips enhance these learning experiences.


Our school day also promotes opportunities for students to mix with children from other classes, developing friendships and confidence across the board.


We have found this keeps bullying at bay and fosters the familial environment we have created, as the older students take an interest in the younger ones and look out for their wellbeing.  

Student Voices

Junior and Senior students have the additional opportunity of being classroom prefects. 


The prefects are the students' representative and they are given both responsibility and privilege within the school. It's been our pleasure to witness these students being positive role models, showing initiative, maturity and leadership.


To cultivate an environment of excellence and enjoyment, we have two house teams that compete to earn the most points. Pupils are awarded for demonstrating moral behaviour, displaying positive attitudes and for working together (among other things).

We are proud to say that our students not only excel academically but they also enjoy being part of our school.

School Hours

School starts at 8:15am

The register is taken at 8:30am

School ends at 3:00pm

Doors close at 3:15pm