Competent Class


Exercising a wide range of skills to get ahead in life



ACE has its own certification called the International Certificate of Christian Education (ICCE).

Students progress through each stage of the certification and complete their studies at whichever level suits their ability or future career goals. 

  • Basic Certificate - particularly suitable for students with considerable SEND

  • Foundation Certificate

  • General Certificate - comparable to GSCEs*

  • Intermediate Certificate

  • Advanced Certificate - comparable to A-Levels*

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*UK NARIC states that the ICCE General and Advanced Certificates are comparable to the Cambridge International

O and A-Level standard, respectively.

Graduates of ICCE continue to gain entrance to colleges and universities around the world. You can read some graduate stories on Christian Education's website. Many graduates from Carmel Christian School have also successfully pursued further education using this qualification. Read about their journeys on our alumni page.