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Open Day - 22nd June

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April Highlights

We've continued learning about different people who help us and their job roles. This month, we found out about doctors and nurses. We set up a hospital and the children practised looking after each other.

We also created a 'sensory room' where the children can explore different textures and lighting. 


Outside Fun:


A massive thank you to everyone who came to help on our ‘Garden Work Day’ during the Easter Holidays. 

The children are already enjoying the revamped outside space: Melvin regularly likes to ‘paint’ the wooden sleepers, which is great practice for his fine motor skills. Florence has mastered stilt walking – hurray! She has also been very creative in the mud kitchen, making a cake mixture and spooning it into smaller ‘cupcake cases’.


All the children worked independently exploring different materials on the grass area. The result? They made dens and enjoyed playing hide and seek!


Garden Improvements!

Lots of people have been involved in improving our outdoor environment:

Thanks to one mum, we now have a dedicated mud kitchen and an attractive array of beautiful flowers inside some wellington boots on the fence (we love the creativity!).


The children, too, have been busy. They worked together to build a bug hotel, where they can now investigate and learn about the natural world as well as take care of creatures smaller than themselves. And they also made windchimes for the garden.

A massive thank you to everyone who came to help on our ‘Garden Work Day’ during the Easter Holidays.

We really appreciate your time and efforts in helping us improve our outdoor learning space.

Wellies 3.jpg
Bug Hotel v2.jpg
March 2.JPG

World Book Day

We joined in with World Book Day on 4th March. 


The teachers and children came to school dressed as their favourite book characters (see which characters you can spot in the photo!), and everyone shared their stories with each other.

World Book Day 4.jpg

The Adventures of the 'Naughty Bus'

The children have been enjoying the Naughty Bus, a story that follows the adventures of a toy London bus as a young boy plays with it throughout the day. 


The book encourages conversation, visual literacy and imaginative play. It has linked with our exploration of different ways of travelling and people who help us. 

Our naughty bus has been on lots of adventures and getting up to mischief, both indoors and outdoors! 

IMG_0175 (1).JPG

To build parental partnerships, the bus has journeyed to each child's home for a unique adventure. Children and their parents wrote about the adventure and added pictures they had drawn or photographs.

The children wanted a bus station, so we built one!


They made some tickets to sell, which led to them learning about money (maths) and practising taking it in turns to be the driver or the ticket seller. They used the map to point to the final destination - one journey took them to see the animals in Mongolia, and it only cost 10p per passenger! 

IMG_0178 (1).JPG

The children also made their own buses and added pictures of their friends and families.


The Naughty Bus has enabled lots of sensory learning and experiences. The children have become emersed in the story, and we're proud of the way they have been exploring, creating and actively learning.

Highlights from February 2021


The cold weather was great for exploring outdoors and finding out what happens when the temperature really drops. We became scientists and looked at the changes that happen when water becomes ice and how long it takes for ice to become water again.​


Discovery time brought together teamwork, lots of tower building, measuring how tall the towers became and critical thinking to overcome difficulties. The children showed the determination to succeed in their goal by persevering, changing and adapting.


The children had great fun thinking about different colours and what happens when two or more colours are mixed together (cause and effect).

January 2021 

We’ve been learning about ‘Traditional Tales’. Starting with Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the children have been:

  • getting into character with role play

  • exploring porridge (measuring, adding water, and also thinking about texture and changes)

  • creating their own three bears from various materials