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At CCS, we have an ‘open-door’ policy. Parents are encouraged to make an appointment to speak with the teachers or the principal. We aim to deal with issues as they arise, contacting parents within the day if an incident should occur. The students are encouraged to talk to teachers and parents if they have any concerns or problems. Children are strongly advised not to retaliate, but to take the correct course of action, that is, to inform the teacher. We endeavour to have effective communication channels, a prerequisite for any healthy partnership.

Parents, management, teachers and governors are all committed to enforcing this policy.

‘Can two walk together unless they are in agreement?’ – Amos 3:3

Our behaviour policy is evaluated periodically and any necessary changes made. To ensure the smooth running of the school and maintain consistency throughout the school community, parents must read and sign the policy stating their agreement.




Complaints Procedures

Health and Safety




Full details of all our other policies, listed below, are available upon request.

  • Access to the Auditorium Policy and Procedures

  • Access to the Building Policy

  • Admissions Policy

  • Charging Policy

  • Children’s Sickness Policy and Procedures

  • Curriculum Policy

  • Early Years Behaviour Policy

  • First Aid Policy Guidance

  • Food & Kitchen Hygiene Guidance

  • Health and Safety Policy

  • Inclusion & SEN Policy

  • Medication Care Plan for Emergency Needs

  • Medication Policy

  • Medication Procedure

  • Missing Child Procedure

  • Playground Policy

  • Procedure for Uncollected Children

  • Pupil Attendance Policy

  • Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedures

  • School Trip Check List

  • School Trips Policy

  • SMCS

  • Transport Policy

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