Utibe David

Utibe David completed his General Certificate in 2014 and completed his A Levels with good results. A in art, a B in graphic communication, and a C in Design Technology. He is currently a first year student in Graphic Communication at Exeter University.

ACE and Carmel school changed my life. Moving from Milan, Italy was challenging, but the fact that I could progress with no peer pressure meant that I could fill the gaps in my education and excel through my studies as I master the work.

I have learned to respect my elders, to care and set an example for the younger students, to love my parents, and to trust in my Creator.

I have also learned how to avoid being spoiled by the world’s desires and to build dreams for my future. I would have hardly achieved as much as I did in this Christian School, if I had stayed in a public school. Here I have developed a desire to accomplish my goals and learned that I am not a failure. Through planned goal setting, which was the part of ACE which I liked the most, I was taught how to be independent, completely abstaining from laziness.