Laurence Guarini

Laurence Guarini completed his General Certificate in 2016 and is currently a firstyear student at Carmel Bible Institution.

Although it has been tough, it has been a lot of fun learning with the essentials of God’s word in my life. I like how a student can work at his own pace, while learning as much as possible without being rushed. I find the ACE system helped me to develop skills in solving problems, and developing my character and self-confidence.

The system helps me plan through setting goals. I find that having a goal card is useful and resourceful in an everyday life, even if you’re not in school. The system has helped me to be disciplined in everything I do, such as scoring my work properly. It has helped me to do my chores, which has helped me from a young age to obey my authorities, and to do things with accuracy and precision. Over the years, I’ve had great teachers to which I aspire by; they all helped me in writing essays for afternoon lessons, helped me learn in my PACE’s, and have fun in the afternoon lessons. The compulsory, as well as the wide range of subjects to choose from for the general course, are very interesting, such as Successful Living and ECDL.

For my general course, I also had to do a science project and an essay which improved my researching skills.

Spiritually I grow in maturity, and though it is a life process, I have grown in character and know that God has something special in store for me. I have therefore decided to go to Bible School and equip myself with what God has for me. By doing the PACES, I was constantly reminded of what wisdom is, which helps me to manage my choices, the way I speak to people, and to manage

conflict, just to mention a few. ACE helped me to concentrate, to focus, and to experience success. I was also blessed to have teachers, who always guided me and never contradict what I learned in the PACES.

I joined ACE in September 2006, and I have grown a lot since then in the way ACE has taught me. I’ve had a lovely time in Carmel Christian School and if I was 7 again I would definitely still go to the same school, with the same method of learning, with the same teachers, and with the same friends.