Jessica Leask

Jessica completed her Advanced Certificate in 2012 and spend three years in Carmel Bible College. She is currently a third year student at Bristol University, studying music.

I have been in the ACE system for ten years and it has become the only educational system that I know. Through the system, I have not only learnt academic information but also how to live one’s everyday life with God at the centre. The environment of the classroom and the close knit student body has been a great opportunity for me to learn social skills. The monthly Scripture memorizations and the verses of Scripture have developed a love for God’s Word. His Word is now in my heart and when I go through times of difficulty it is those very portions of Scripture that come back to my remembrance.

If I were to give any advice to students partaking in the ACE program it would be to make every day and opportunity count. Yes, there will be times when you may feel frustrated and you may even want to get up and leave. When those times come, and they will come, remember that the main reason we do ACE is so that we may be equipped to lead a godly life when we are adults.

I fully believe in the ACE program and one day when I have children of my own I will put them into it too. The lessons and experience I’ve had whilst in Christian education are priceless; definitely something I would never have received in a secular school. I thank God for this amazing opportunity I’ve had and know I am ready to begin the next faze of my life and journey.