Hannah Abrahams

Hannah completed her Intermediate Certificate in 2012, and went on to become a Pilates instructor. She is happily married, and now has two children.

Personal Statement

My experience in an ACE School was only good. The guidelines set out by the supervisors and monitors helped in teaching me self-discipline and to strive for a high standard in everything I did.

The method of learning never pushed me to finish for the sake of finishing, but instead, I finished and moved on once I thoroughly grasped the principles and information. So, I never progressed without proper understanding and I was always well equipped to do the work ahead of me.

Goal setting was an important part of school life. This has enabled me to set goals and meet them, and take an ordered approach to anything I decide to take on. Because I took responsibility for my learning, I am able to take responsibility for further education and my current work situation.

Even though the PACE system did not fully equip me academically for my current line of work (Pilates and functional anatomy), the character shaping and principles acquired helped me in further study and running my business.

Overall, as I have honoured God in my education He has honoured and favoured me with an excellent job which I would not have had without His help.