Accelerated Christian Education Individualised Learning Programme

ACE is an individualised learning package used by thousands of schools worldwide, covering the main academic areas of Maths, English, Social Studies and Science, with a wide range of elective subjects for older students.

Students work through their planned daily section of the programme each morning, with the following benefits:

  • the student works at their own specifically targeted level.
  • the student progresses at the rate most suited to their needs, rather than to those of a group.
  • the main academic subjects are approached by the student with a consistent and structured method of study.
  • the student is encouraged to take responsibility for their own progress and learn self-discipline.
  • the staff are available to help students on a one-to-one basis as needed.

Our afternoon enrichment lessons emphasise group-work, discussions, exchanging ideas and practical work. These collaborative sessions balance the private study of the mornings.

  • Practical Maths
  • Practical Science
  • English Literature
  • Creative Writing
  • British History
  • Geography
  • Design Technology
  • Art
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Sports – swimming, tennis, gymnastics (seasonal)
  • Information Technology