Method of Learning

At Carmel Christian School, we welcome all children and young people into our school community. Our organisation is very much a family, and we celebrate each individual member. We follow an individualised programme of learning firmly based on traditional, biblical values. We cater for children from the age of 3-18 and offer an internationally recognised, university entrance qualification known as the ICCE (International Certificate of Christian Education).

Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning through goal setting, self-assessment and our reward system. In the Early Years (nursery and reception), the approach to learning has a higher emphasis on learning through play.

The academic curriculum from the ABC class upward (Year 1 onwards) is presented in subject booklets, and the students set their own daily targets. Academic standards are consistently high as the pass mark for each booklet is 80%. Students work at their own pace, closely monitored by caring staff who will intervene and assist where necessary. Individual achievement is rewarded on a daily basis with merits that can be used as currency in the merit shop to purchase prizes.

Non-academic subjects, sports and enrichment activities take place in the afternoon.

All students are strongly encouraged to develop their gifts and abilities, be they academic, musical, sporting or other. For the older students, the annual European Student Convention offers opportunities for them to showcase their abilities and focus their efforts to improve throughout each year.

Every activity the students undertake is underpinned by biblical values with a view to growing excellent, well-qualified, accomplished young people. Weekly assemblies, daily devotions, daily scripture memorisation drills and learning centre procedures all serve to reinforce this.

The school is divided into different learning centres:

EARLY YEARS: Nursery and Reception (ages 3 – 5)
ABC CLASS: Years 1 – 2 (ages 5 – 7)
JUNIOR LEARNING CENTRE: Years 3 – 6 (ages 7 – 10)
SENIOR LEARNING CENTRE: Years 7 – 11 (age 11 upwards)

All our learning is based upon a sound acquisition of knowledge coupled with regular assessment, testing and examination of work. This allows regular analysis and guidance of development. All students work at their own pace and level of performance, set their own goals and their output is measured and rewarded.