God is the foundation of Carmel Christian School. It has helped our daughter to become a confident and self-motivated person. She has achieved excellent results, and we are very grateful for all the help and support we receive from the teachers.

David and Mila

Our children have been allowed to excel in Carmel Christian School. They have grown in confidence and love the safe learning environment where they can learn to be the people God created them to be.

Darryl and Alison

Carmel Christian School has been a perfect choice for all three of my children. The teachers are always there to help them plan their studies and to also guide them in making the right choices. My children have not only progressed academically, but they have also learned how to respect and care for others, how to be responsible, and how to achieve to the best of their capability. As their parent, I am so happy to see them thrive as unique individuals.


All three of our children graduated from CCS. Our eldest went on to have a successful career as a Pilates Instructor. Our second child is currently finishing her Masters in English Language and Literature and is on their Honours Programme. Our youngest studied for a degree in Live and Studio Sound and is currently in full-time employment in this field. We have seen that the ACE curriculum has given them a solid foundation in character and work ethic.

Michael and Vicky

We are delighted to watch our daughter grow in self-confidence and take pride in her work – she particularly enjoys being rewarded for her efforts. The teachers exhibit godly character and nurture the best in each child.

Richard and Alison

Both of our girls have graduated from CCS and moved on to college and university. Equipped with a solid foundation in Christ and godly character, they have navigated the moral challenges around them with integrity and strong conviction.

Wayne and Rose

For us it is important that our children get equipped for life and that they grow in their individual walk with God. Carmel Christian School does just that.

Ruedi and Monika