Our children have been allowed to excel in Carmel Christian School. They have grown in confidence and love the safe learning environment where they can learn to be the people God created them to be.

Darryl and Alison

Sienna is thriving at Carmel Christian School. The school has helped to teach her how to take responsibility for her school work by setting her own goals and targets. We know that she is in a safe, loving and caring environment and that we made the right decision to have her educated at Carmel Christian school.

Simon and Simone

Equipping children for life to be professionally competent through a relationship with God. The environment is unique and the children feel safe, secure and happy.

Michael and Melanie

All three of our children have gone through the programme and we have seen them flourish. In particular one of our children who is doing A-Levels is flying through them as her academic abilities have excelled from this foundation of learning.

Michael and Vicky

Carmel Christian School has been a perfect choice for both my children to study at. They learn how to respect others. The teachers are always there to guide them into making the right choice’s and they help them plan their studies.

They also learn how to care for others, how to be responsible and to achieve to do the best of their capability. As their parent i am so happy to see them thrive as the unique individuals they they each are.

Ariande Leo

Our son is more confident and secure as a person. He is a self-motivated learner and is going on in his faith. He has succeeded academically and shows great Christian character both in and out of the school classroom.

David and Helen

Carmel Christian School is a home away from home where we see much of the traditional values mirrored from what we instil in our children outside of school.

Sean and Michelle

Our two girls have stepped up to the plate and have a self-discipline beyond their year, they even tell us they have homework even before we ask. Their work ethic has cultivated an excellent attitude both socially and academically. We believe they have an excellent foundation for university.

Wayne and Rose

Bella, Leon and Taylor have flourished at Carmel Christian School.

Taylor is full of joy and loves going to school every day. She loves to learn and has found learning to read quite natural.

Bella is quite forceful and decisive by nature and has learnt to set goals, meet targets and stand up for what she knows to be right at school. The teachers have helped her to foster close and valuable friendships.

Leon has been allowed to keep his soft heart and compassionate nature. His love for people is alive and kicking – he has not been bullied for being a softy or taken advantage of for being kind.


Darrell and Clare

For us it is important that our children get equipped for life and that they grow in their individual walk with God. Carmel Christian School does just that.

Ruedi and Monika

CCS is a loving, nurturing environment that has seen our child grow. She now comes home quoting scriptures and loves to pray for people. She now relates well with other children whereas before cried after mum. She enjoys the journey so much we don’t want it to end!

Raphael and Sue