Carmel Christian School is an independent, fee-paying, Christian school based in Brislington, Bristol. We have been offering Christian education to children between the ages of three and eighteen since 1997. During this time, we have been privileged to share the formative years of many children from different backgrounds, nationalities, cultures and have added great value to their young lives.

At Carmel Christian School, we have always identified our role as being an extension of the Christian home, and we have worked hard to engender a positive, encouraging and familial atmosphere where relationships are nurtured. From our first intake of three children in 1997, we have steadily grown in student numbers.

Our school is now divided into three distinct learning centres that operate independently, as a class would in a mainstream school. All children come together for times of worship and assembly. Each of our learning centres has always catered for a wider age range than just one academic year because the children work at their own pace, albeit under close supervision.

At Carmel Christian School, we insist on the highest academic and moral standards. We have been so proud to see the all-round excellence of those who have left our school to head off to college, university or to undertake other courses.

High standards of achievement through the ACE curriculum, continual love and encouragement from our dedicated staff, combined with a steady input of the Word of God and adherence to a code of conduct and behavioural policy have always paid great dividends in the young lives entrusted to our care.