Conquering core skills in the ABC years

Conquering core skills in the ABC yearsAs our students leave nursery and elevate to the next level, our ABC class is designed to further equip them with all the skills necessary to prepare them for the next step on their educational journey. At Carmel Christian School Bristol, we believe in enriching every child with a positive learning experience and seek to encourage all students to develop their gifts and abilities.

Stepping into the ABC class, your child will be introduced to our effective individualised learning programme. As we are an independent school, we are pleased to be a subscriber to the International School of Tomorrow Learning Programme, a world leader in individualised learning, enabling children to study and learn at their own ability level and pace. Using PACE booklets to study each core subject, including Maths, English, Science, Social Studies, Word Building (Etymology), as well as the wider curriculum and character building activities, our students are given the opportunity to master each lesson before moving on as they work at their own pace and level. The students set their own goals, and their output is measured and rewarded.

Students work from their PACE booklets in individual booths, known as offices, in order to aid concentration and encourage independent learning, which is a vital skill for further education. As part of our programme, we also encourage all students to read independently so that their skills in fluency, comprehension and vocabulary are always improving. Academic standards are consistently high as the pass mark for each booklet is 80%. According to, ‘students using the A.C.E program go on to higher education and into ministry and professional pursuits with confidence and a superb educational background’.

We focus on developing other core skills, such as team work, creative-thinking, and problem-solving in the afternoons as our ABC class take part in humanities projects, science practicals, Creative Writing, Art, ICT, swimming, and many other activities.

Taking responsibility for your own learning is an effective skill that we believe all students should be equipped with. If you want to discover more about Christian education, get in touch with us today.