Enhance grades with parental involvement

Family plays a Enhance grades with parental involvementvital role in the performance of children at school. Whether it’s playing a supportive role within the school or getting involved with your child’s study within the home, every act of participation has a significant impact on your child’s success. At Carmel Christian School Bristol, we encourage parents to get behind their child’s learning so we can elevate each student to their fullest potential.

One of the most common ways that parents can get involved with their child’s education is through homework. Allowing your children to complete their homework on their own can be more productive than offering them a helping hand if they don’t require it. According to education.gov.uk, ‘A study from the United States has explored the effects of different types of parental involvement in homework and found that different forms of support (e.g. support for children’s autonomy) are associated with higher test scores, whereas others (e.g. direct involvement) are associated with lower test scores.’ This doesn’t mean you can’t get involved. Simply providing a quiet and comfortable learning environment for them within the home can greatly improve results. And having you nearby incase they do struggle can give your child peace of mind and it may spur them on to work harder to show you what they can accomplish on their own.

Getting involved in homework will show you what your child is learning, how well they’re doing, and what you might focus on with them more to increase their understanding. It also provides you with the opportunity to discuss what’s going on at school with your child, and to allow teachers to hear from you on how they’re progressing.

We also encourage parents to volunteer time within the school as classroom assistants, PTA members, or teachers of specialist subjects. According to childtrends.org, ‘Students with parents who are involved in their school tend to have fewer behavioral problems and better academic performance’.

At Carmel Christian School Bristol, it is our hope that all parents will contribute in some way to the activity of our school, so together we can help our students achieve excellent results. Come and visit us and see how effective parental involvement in Christian education is.