Equipping students with a global awareness

Equipping students with a global awarenessEducating our students about global issues and teaching them to see the larger world through different eyes is significantly important to a child’s development as a well rounded individual. At Carmel Christian School Bristol, we seek to encourage our students to discover more about the world around them and to understand various cultures and traditions.

In our ABC class, we integrate social studies into the curriculum as part of instructing our students about the wider world in which they live in, and we get the children involved in humanities projects as well to strengthen their knowledge of culture. As well as teaching our Juniors and Seniors Social Studies, Seniors will also take citizenship. This encourages them to become thoughtful and active citizens who are keen to engage and get involved in public life, learning about topical issues politically, culturally and socially, and taking part in community-based events. Recently, our Senior students participated in a practical lesson on the Hanukkah feast, gaining an insight into a different culture and tradition.

Developing a global awareness is also important to life beyond school where students will be looking for employment. According to The Guardian, ‘twice as many business leaders rate knowledge and awareness of the wider world as an important skill as ability to speak a foreign language. While they still regard language skills as important it is the ‘soft’ skills of cultural awareness and understanding global issues that are particularly valued.’ Tom Franklin, Think Global chief executive added, ‘Because we live in such a globalised world today our mission should be to ensure every young person in school feels more confident and able to live in that world’.

Our recent Ofsted report mentioned, ‘Older pupils study global issues and learn of the cultural differences in the world. This promotes their understanding of and respect for people from different cultural and religious backgrounds.’ We love, accommodate, embrace and encourage children from all nationalities and communities. See what Christian education has to offer for your child, and speak to us today.